Heart Emoji

Black heart, blue heart, heart outline and broken heart

Heart Emoji

Many people like love symbol, heart emoticon or heart emoji especially female or girl that’s why it’s the most trendy symbol or emoji. An ideograph using heart shape to express the idea of the “heart” in its symbolic or metaphorical sense as the center of emotion, including love and affection, especially romantic love. Therefore, heart emoji become the most commonly used characters in design, chat, posts, commenting and decoration. You can find heart shape, black heart, heart outline, broken heart and love emoticon here. There are more emoji available here.

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Color Heart Symbol

Heart NameHeart Emoji

Classic Heart

White Heart

Orange Heart


Yellow Heart


Green Heart


Blue Heart


Purple Heart


Black Heart


Heart Icon

Rotated Heart



Heart Tip Left


Heart Sketch


Heart Outline


Heart Shape

Broken Heart


Hearts Together


Circle of Heart


Beating Heart


Growing Heart


Sparkling Heart


Cupid’s Heart


Heart Gift


Heart Patch


Love Symbol

Heart Emoji

Love Cat


Kiss Face


Love is in the eyes


Kiss Stain


Kissing Couple


Loving Couple


Love Letter




Love Hotel